The following is a small sample of the types of clients and projects that we have completed to increase their level of emergency and disaster preparedness.  For a list of references, please contact us today.
Planning Projects Completed

Hospital Evacuation Plans
Multiple Tier 1 UASI Mass Fatality Plans
State Level SNS, Smallpox, Pandemic Influenza, and Chempack Distribution Plans
Homeless Shelter Emergency Operations and Continuity of Operation Plans
County Level ESF-8 Plan Creation and Review


 Training Projects Completed

Regional OSHA First Reciever Training Project that included over 50 classes
Pandemic Influenza Training
Countywide HazMat Training for First Responders

Exercises Completed

2 Functional Exercises for a Tier 1 UASI City

State Level Functional Exercise for a client that involved entities from across the state

Multiple Countywide and Regional Tabletop Exercise

Statewide Desktop Exercises

Hospital Evacuation Exercises

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